ADA Sidewalk Construction

Fred DeRoma & Son has many years of experience working to restore and update sidewalk and handicap ramp conditions to meet ADA requirements. The ADA provides specifications, codes, and access guidelines...

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Road Reconstruction

Fred DeRoma & Son does a lot of work with roadway reconstruction. Our resume includes jobs such as paving, streetscapes, reclaiming, ADA pedestrian ramps, related landscaping services and a lot more...

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Drainage & Utilities

Our team is highly trained and qualified to work on this type of project even in very challenging environments. We provide safe and comprehensive installations, and our entire crew has many years of experience...

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Snow & Ice Management

We don't just plow the snow or salt the ice; we remove the snow from your property. This is an important service during the winter months, especially for busy parking lots that can't afford to lose spaces...

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Our team also specializes in a wide range of masonry work. This includes brick sidewalks, pavers, and stone walls, in addition to the concrete and paving work that we provide. We employ skilled workers...

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The elite Boston road contractor began with a simple backhoe, six-wheel truck, and a bucket of tools. Fred started his construction career building and renovating houses throughout the City of Boston...

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Some of Our Clients Include

Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. works with municipal clients throughout Massachusetts, including the City of Boston and the Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR). We also do work for private clients.

Municipal Clients

  • Boston
  • Cambridge
  • Watertown
  • Brookline
  • Newton
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)
  • Attleboro
  • Dedham
  • Milton

Private Clients

  • RJ Devereaux
  • Feeney Brothers
  • Albanese Brothers
  • Bilt-Rite Construction
  • NEI
  • CAD Builders
  • Cedarwood Development
  • Cruz Construction
  • Northeast Interiors Inc.

Private Clients (continued)

  • National Grid
  • Eversource
  • Parkside Utility
  • The Cooperative Bank
  • Mathias Corporation
  • TRI Construction
  • Umbro & Sons
  • Vertec Corporation

Featured Projects

Newton 15-112

CITY OF NEWTON: Road & Signal Improvements Intersection of Beacon Street & Collins Road (Contract 15-112) Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. made street improvements along Beacon Street from the intersection with Manitoba Road to the intersection with Woodward Road in the City of Newton, Massachusetts. The project also included roadway improvements along Collins Road, from…

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Blue Hills Parkway

BLUE HILLS PARKWAY Traffic & Roadway Improvements Elliot Street to Mattapan Square in Milton, MA Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. performed work under this contract that consisted of a full traffic signal upgrade at one location, a new traffic signal at another location, replacement of controllers at four locations, and configuration of signal coordination timing,…

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Department of Conservation and Recreation: East of Route 495

VARIOUS DCR AREAS East of Route 495 Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. completed work under this contract that consisted of, but was not limited to, the installation of new pedestrian ramps, rehabilitation of existing pedestrian ramps, installation of new granite curb, removal and resetting of existing granite curb, rehabilitation of concrete and bituminous sidewalks, and…

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Boston Convention Center

BOSTON CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTER North Ramp Wall Weatherproofing Improvements Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. provided work on this project that consisted of the excavation of a 4,000 square foot concrete walkway and delaminated/loose existing waterproofing membrane or drainage board. Then we installed a new 4,000 square foot concrete walkway, which included the use of…

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Boston CIP 17-31

BOSTON CIP 17-31: Reading Street Reading Street/Kemble Street (820 feet) Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. reset the existing and installed new edgestone. We constructed cement concrete sidewalks and driveways, brick sidewalks, hot mix asphalt sidewalks and driveways, and cement concrete pedestrian ramps with detectable warning panels. Our crew also installed street light bases, pull boxes,…

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Boston CIP 16-22

BOSTON CIP 16-22 Mattapan Square Streetscape Improvements on Blue Hill Avenue Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. installed a new drip irrigation system, including water main tap, meter pit, backflow preventer, electrical service, and irrigation controls. Construct raised planting beds using granite edgestone for landscaping along the median and in the traffic islands, backfilling with planting…

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Boston Area 2 and Area 3 ADA Reconstruction

A3 RAMP JOB – Boston Area 2 and 3 ADA Sidewalk and Pedestrian Ramp Reconstruction (Contracts 43698 & 43699) The work provided by Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. under this contract consists of, but is not limited to, making repairs to existing brick, cement concrete and bituminous sidewalks and driveways, resetting of existing edgestone, new…

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225 Centre Street

225 CENTRE STREET Sidewalk Improvements Sidewalk Reconstruction on Columbus Ave/Centre Street in Roxbury, MA Work provided by Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. consisted of the installation of a six-inch underdrain for storm water management, street lighting infrastructure, BTD interconnect replacement and relocations. It also included ADA compliant sidewalks, new curbing, asphalt, landscaping and decorative hardscapes…

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