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Recent Project: Mass ~ DOT 106136 – Gallivan Blvd and Morton Street Road

Some of Our Clients Include

Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. works with municipal clients throughout Massachusetts, including the City of Boston and the Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR). We also do work for private clients.

Municipal Clients

  • Boston
  • Cambridge
  • Watertown
  • Brookline
  • Newton
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)
  • Attleboro
  • Dedham
  • Milton
  • Brookline
  • Quincy
  • MBTA
  • Westood
  • MassDOT

Private Clients

  • RJ Devereaux
  • Feeney Brothers
  • Albanese Brothers
  • Bilt-Rite Construction
  • NEI
  • CAD Builders
  • Cedarwood Development
  • Cruz Construction
  • Northeast Interiors Inc.
  • Northeastern University
  • Milton Academy
  • United States Golf Association
  • JF White
  • McCourt Construction

Private Clients (continued)

  • National Grid
  • Eversource
  • Parkside Utility
  • The Cooperative Bank
  • Mathias Corporation
  • TRI Construction
  • Umbro & Sons
  • Vertec Corporation
  • Eliot Hotel
  • Tufts Medical

50th Anniversary Milestone!

Welcome to the 50th anniversary celebration of Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. For half a century, we have proudly served the Boston area, building a legacy of excellence, reliability, and family tradition.

This milestone is a testament to our dedication, hard work, and the trust of our valued clients. Join us as we reflect on our journey, honor our achievements, and look forward to a bright future. Thank you for being part of our story.

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Featured Projects

MassDOT 106432: Sidewalk, Wheelchair Ramp, and Crosswalk Repairs and Improvements at Various CA/T Locations

Description: Completed sidewalk reconstruction for MassDOT in coordination with the Boston Public Works and Boston Transportation Department.  The work included in various ADA upgrades and full depth roadway reconstruction at key pedestrian crossing points within Boston Proper. Project Highlights: 59,085 square feet of concrete Sidewalks, Ramps, and Driveways 1,128 linear feet of New Granite Curb…

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Westwood Pedestrian Safety Enhancements Project

Pedestrian safety enhancements in the Town of Westwood through the installation of new ADA compliant pedestrian ramps, new and reset granite curb, new pedestrian signal devices and thermoplastic pavement markings. Project Highlights: 1,200 linear feet of New Granite Curb 2,000 linear feet of Granite Curb Removed and Reset 2 Solar Powered RRFBs 2 Solar LED…

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Quincy FY20 – Roadway Improvements Project

Roadway and sidewalk reconstruction to (18) streets located in Quincy, Massachusetts.  These improvements consisted of new ADA complaint concrete sidewalks, driveways, wheelchair ramps, new and reset granite curb, full depth reclamation and new asphalt road assemblies Project Highlights: 6,730 linear feet of New Granite Curb set 19,242 linear feet of Granite Curb Removed and Reset…

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Milton Academy – Centre Street Pedestrian Improvements

Completed intersection improvements at the intersection of Voses Lane and Centre St to improve pedestrian safety. These improvements consisted of the installation of new rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs), new granite edge stone, ADA compliant concrete walkways and pedestrian ramps, the construction of a stone masonry retaining wall, new thermoplastic pavement markings, and street signage.…

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MassDOT 106136 – Gallivan Blvd and Morton Street Road Improvement including Traffic Signals

Completed highway reconstruction and intersection improvements on Gallivan Boulevard and Morton St located in Boston, Massachusetts. Installed new Traffic Signal Reconstructions at (5) intersection, including new mast arms and drilled shaft foundations, controllers, pedestrian signals, audible push APS push buttons and video detection. Installed new street lighting infrastructure, poles, LED luminaires and photo-electric control. Installed…

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Brookline PW21-06 Columbia Street Reconstruction

Roadway reconstruction and pedestrian improvements on Columbia St and Hamilton Rd in Brookline, Massachusetts. The existing road was stabilized by pulverizing and regrading before the installation of new asphalt binder and top courses.  The scope also included new traffic calming bump outs, new concrete sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, drainage structures and inlay pavement markings. Project Highlights:…

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Boston #51527 – Sidewalk Repairs on Various Streets Including Pedestrian Ramp Upgrades in the City of Boston

Various ADA improvements to walkways and ramps in the Boston Area.  Improvements ranged from resetting granite edge stones, ADA compliant pedestrian ramps and walkways, bituminous concrete surfaces and brick sidewalks. Project Highlights: 30,000 square feet of concrete sidewalks, wheel chair ramps and driveways 2,500 linear feet of Granite Curb Removed and Reset to date Qualified…

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Quincy – Storm Riley Emergency Response #18-211

Emergency infrastructure repair contract in response to the City of Quincy’s declared State of Emergency due to coastal damage from March 2018’s Nor’easter Storm Riley. Focus of work was sidewalk and road repairs impacted by erosion damage and intent was to restore affected areas to pre-storm conditions. Project scope included road and sidewalk reconstruction around…

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