About Us

~ We make Greater Boston Accessible ~

50th logoFred DeRoma & Son, Inc. was established in July 1974 by Fred DeRoma. The elite Boston road contractor began with a simple backhoe, six-wheel truck, and a bucket of tools. Fred started his construction career building and renovating houses throughout the City of Boston. He was quickly able to establish himself as a reliable and trustworthy contractor who finished projects on time and within budget. The reputation of the company as a quality contractor continued to grow when Fred's son Andy joined the business in 1976.

After hiring subcontractors for driveway and sidewalk repairs that were trenched through for the utility connections, Fred and Andy DeRoma realized they could repair the work cheaper if they did it themselves. So in 1978, after learning from this experience, DeRoma procured their first bonding to allow direct bidding on Public Work as a General Contractor for up to $250k. Fred DeRoma & Son won their first sidewalk repair contract with Boston Public Works for $90k.

After this first job, the economy slowed down significantly, and there wasn't much work available. DeRoma stayed busy by working as a subcontractor for a larger General Contractor in the area. Also in the mid-1970s, Fred DeRoma & Son worked to supplement revenues during the winter months. They decided to use their equipment and work directly for the City of Boston to enhance the city's plowing and salting operations during snow storms.

In 1987, after several years of subcontracted work with other General Contractors, DeRoma finally won their own job as General Contractor. The project was another sidewalk repair contract for the Boston Public Works.

Fred DeRoma unexpectedly passed away in 1988, leaving 34-year-old Andy DeRoma with two kids and in charge of the company. Throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, Andy DeRoma would perform one or two Boston Public Works contracts a year. It was just enough to keep his crew busy and put food on everyone's table.

By 1990, Andy DeRoma had two more children for a total of four: three boys and one girl. All of the children grew up with shovels in their hands, carrying on the family tradition. Andy made sure that his children were raised knowing the value and responsibility of working with their last name on the side of the truck door.

Throughout his more than 45-year career, Andy DeRoma worked to build Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. into one of the most respected and elite road contractors in and around the City of Boston. He never took on a project that he could not complete on time while delivering a high-quality product for his clients.

As the company looks toward the future with the third generation engulfed in the business, Andy’s three sons – Daniel, Andrew, and Michael are now working alongside their father. Their continued mission is to maintain the same philosophy and core values on which the company was built. DeRoma takes great pride in performing each job with the goal of keeping everyone safe while exceeding client expectations.