Boston Area 2 and Area 3 ADA Reconstruction

Boston Area 2 and 3
ADA Sidewalk and Pedestrian Ramp Reconstruction (Contracts 43698 & 43699)

The work provided by Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. under this contract consisted of, but was not limited to, making repairs to existing brick, cement concrete and bituminous sidewalks and driveways, resetting existing edgestone, new granite edgestone, and the construction of ADA pedestrian ramps and drainage improvements. DeRoma reconstructed over (800) pedestrian wheel chair ramps in the City of Boston under these contracts.

Project Scope Highlights:

  • ADA compliant concrete sidewalks/driveways/pedestrian ramps: (210,000)SF
  • Reset existing and new granite curbing: (17,100)LF
  • Asphalt sidewalk, driveway & trench restorations: (798)Tons
  • Installed (815) ADA compliant pedestrian ramps