Newton 15-112 – Roadway & Signal Improvements at Beacon Street & Collins Road

The work included cold plane and overlay of the existing roadway with bituminous concrete, full depth pavement reconstruction, installation of new granite curb, new cement concrete sidewalk, installation of new traffic signals, installation of a new pedestrian activated (HAWK) signal, various storm water utility upgrades, new ornamental LED street lighting and landscaping.

Project Scope Highlights:

  • Full-depth road construction: (6,500)SF
  • Pavement Milling: (57,600)SF
  • ADA compliant concrete sidewalks/driveways/pedestrian ramps: (16,200)SF
  • New VA4 granite curbing: (1,900)LF
  • Reset existing granite curbing: (520)LF
  • Traffic signal mast arms & foundations: (5)EA
  • Traffic signal pedestals: (17)EA
  • Traffic controllers and new electrical service connections: (3)EA
  • Hybrid pedestrian HAWK Signal: (1)EA
  • Electrical conduit: (2,050)LF
  • Electrical Pull boxes: (23)EA
  • (17”x60”) Street lighting foundations: (12)EA
  • Asphalt Paving: (650)Tons