Quincy FY20 – Roadway Improvements Project

~ We make Greater Boston Accessible ~

Roadway and sidewalk reconstruction to (18) streets located in Quincy, Massachusetts.  These improvements consisted of new ADA complaint concrete sidewalks, driveways, wheelchair ramps, new and reset granite curb, full depth reclamation and new asphalt road assemblies

Project Highlights:

  1. 6,730 linear feet of New Granite Curb set
  2. 19,242 linear feet of Granite Curb Removed and Reset
  3. 194,085 square feet of Concrete Sidewalks, Ramps & Driveways
  4. 507,060 square feet of Roadway Reclaimed (Pulverizing and Grading)
  5. 13,852 tons of Hot Mix Asphalt placed
  6. 150 New Drainage/Sanitary Castings/Structures