Boston CIP 16-22 Mattapan Square Streetscapes

Mattapan Square Streetscape Improvements on Blue Hill Avenue

Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. installed a new drip irrigation system, including water main tap, meter pit, backflow preventer, electrical service, and irrigation controls. Construct raised planting beds using granite edgestone for landscaping along the median and in the traffic islands, backfilling with planting soil. New landscaping was added throughout the median. We also constructed cement concrete sidewalks and pedestrian ramps, with detectable warning panels along Blue Hill Avenue using new granite edgestone and existing granite edgestone. We also installed new street lighting infrastructures.

Project Scope Highlights:

  • Drip Irrigation System with meter pit, backflow & power pedestal: (1)EA
  • New VA4 granite curbing: (1,200)LF
  • ADA compliant concrete & paver sidewalks and pedestrian ramps: (7,200)SF
  • Cast-in-Place Barrier Wall: (1)EA