Boston CIP 17-31

Boston CIP 17-31: Reading Street. Reading/Kemble Street (820)LF to the following: “Highway Reconstruction in Bennett Street, Corey Street, Farnham Street, Grantley Street, Hillock Street, Kemble Street, Lovis Street, Proctor Street, Railroad Street, Reading Street, and Sanford Street. Work included (10”) pavement reclamation, pavement milling & overlay, reset existing and install new curbing, construct new concrete sidewalks and pedestrian ramps, install street lighting foundations, pull boxes and conduit, new pavement markings and signage.

Project Scope Highlights:

  • (10”) pavement reclaim: (112,500)SF
  • Pavement milling: (27.900)SF
  • Asphalt paving: (3,400)Tons
  • New VA4 granite curbing: (1,500)LF
  • Reset existing granite curbing: (8,300)LF
  • ADA compliant concrete sidewalks/driveways/pedestrian ramps: (65,700)SF
  • Electrical conduit: (2,300)LF
  • Electrical pull boxes: (31)EA
  • Street lighting foundations: (31)EA