Department of Conservation and Recreation: East of Route 495

Fred DeRoma & Son, Inc. completed work under this contract that consisted of, but was not limited to, the installation of new pedestrian ramps, rehabilitation of existing pedestrian ramps, installation of new granite curb, removal and resetting of existing granite curb, rehabilitation of concrete and bituminous sidewalks, and the installation of new concrete and bituminous concrete sidewalks. This contract was responsible for maintenance of sidewalks and pedestrian ramps on all DCR property east of route 495.

Project Scope Highlights:

  • Unclassified excavation: (5,000)CY
  • Reset existing granite curbing: (8,330)LF
  • New VA4 granite curbing: (800)LF
  • ADA compliant concrete sidewalks/driveways/pedestrian ramps: (139,500)SF
  • New pedestrian ramps: (340)EA
  • ADA compliant asphalt sidewalks: (3,950)Tons